I met Davy Jones

Saturday 11th February, 2017 Submitted by: Sandra Monkee

Nov 2008 I attended the 40th anniversary event of the monkees movie HEAD. There I met Davy Jones… Peter Tork.. Bobby Hart… Chip Douglas….June Fairchild and Gary Strobl( met Gary for the 2nd time). It was a great evening. I was seated in the front middle row with my group. We sat with the camera crew.

A few nights before that I attended Davy and Gary Pucket’s concert.  I had a blast. I sent a note to Davy before the show and he sent a message back to me.  He said I was a sweet heart of a lady and not to change.

I do have photos just not sure yet how to add them here.

My Davy Jones/ Nancy Smith Story

Monday 9th May, 2016 Submitted by: Judith Supple Hadlock

There was a  girl named Nancy Smith, a fan of Davy’s, who was disabled, and in a wheelchair.  She showed up in Toledo, Ohio at “Kips” to see Davy at a solo concert, with his band “Toast” in 1979.  I think she came with the Fan Club group that chartered the plane for the weekend, to see him – I’m not sure! 
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Davy’s “Flower”…!!

Monday 9th May, 2016 Submitted by: Judith Supple Hadlock

Davy had a special fondness for flowers – they reminded him of his Mother!!  He lost her to emphysema when he was just 14 years old!!  In the early Monkee days, and later too, he would often draw a flower (looking something like a daisy) next to his autograph!
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DAVY was one of the most generous People I ever knew

Monday 4th April, 2016 Submitted by: DannyLewis

Over the years I photographed DAVY’s Solo Tours and Monkee Tours. From 1986 at Hershey and finishing it up in the same town on the 2011 Monkees Tour. I also shot His 1998 Teen Idols Tour with Bobby Sherman and Peter Noone at Six Flags in Jackson NJ. DAVY always mailed Me a package at Christmas time. In 2007, He mailed me a signed Monkees logo w/ a CD not in the Rhino catalog.
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Davy Jones At The Alexandra Palace, London, For Mickey Mouse’s 50th Birthday Celebration, (May 28 & 29, 1978)

Monday 29th February, 2016 Submitted by: Judith Supple Hadlock

This story was first published in The Micky Dolenz Stargazer Club’s newsletter, dated June-August, 1978.  I was the Secretary of that Fan Club at the time, and was in charge of writing and publishing it’s newsletters. 
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My Last Time Seeing Davy Jones – A “Personal” Monkee Reunion – (October 17, 2009), Barrow Civic Theatre, Franklin, PA.

Monday 21st April, 2014 Submitted by: Anthony Dangio

This story was published (in it’s original form) in Cindy Bryant’s newsletter “Monkee-Shines” for “The Purple Flower Gang”, issue #75, Spring 2011. Keep in mind that Davy was still “with us” when this was written.
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