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This story was first published in The Micky Dolenz Stargazer Club’s newsletter, dated June-August, 1978.  I was the Secretary of that Fan Club at the time, and was in charge of writing and publishing it’s newsletters. 

Please remember, I was a lot younger when I wrote this – I was 20 years old at the time!  It seemed impossible, but after seven hours over the ocean, there I was in England, for a two-week dream vacation!  And best of all (as our most kind “British Correspondent” John Clayton informed me) Davy Jones would be appearing in London at the Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally as it was called), on May 28th and 29th as part of a children’s festival, celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 50th Birthday!  Then too, David’s Personal Assistant Bobbi, had written to me (just in time), so I quickly wrote back to tell her I was coming, and I even got to chat with her on the phone a few days before I left!  So now, here I was in “Dreamsville” – (a reference to “16″ magazine).  And my first dream came true when I met our “British Correspondent John!  He came to our hotel after work to meet us (my Mother and myself), and although we had no idea what the other looked like, we knew each other straight away!  We must have chatted for several hours, but oh, how nice it was to talk face-to-face with another Monkee-maniac as crazy about them as I am!  We then made plans to go to Ally Pally together – that is John, and my Mother (Judy Supple) and I, at which time we also met John’s lovely wife, Liz.  But until Ally Pally on Sunday (and Monday) there was plenty to do, and believe me, we did it all!!  Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park – are sights and sounds that I shall never forget!  And the English Pubs – such a wonderful friendly atmosphere – and great food too!  We also spent a weekend with John and Liz, later on at their home, and  visited a beautiful castle in Kent, England (complete with a moat and drawbridge), and even got a private tour through their stables!  Two days later, on Saturday May 27th, David appeared on an English TV show for children, called “Our Show” and sang his birthday tribute song for Mickey Mouse – “Hey Ra, Ra, Ra, Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse” (which by the way, was his new 45 record, sung by David and a “million” kids from a local orphanage)!  Also, WEA – Warner Brothers (the English record distributor for Disney) donated 3 pence to a children’s charity, for every record of David’s sold, at Ally Pally)!  And since one of the kids on the TV show, was going to do “Oliver” in school, David and company sang “Consider Yourself”!  Then they showed “The Monkees” on TV, which was a real “treat” for me, since I hadn’t been able to see it in eleven years here in the States!!  It is now being shown again in London, every Saturday morning!    Well, Sunday finally came!!  The festivities ran from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm, and David was there the whole time, both days, except for breaks!  He was there to sell and autograph his new 45, and chat with fans!  Also, it was FREE to everyone!  We arrived a little before noon, and while waiting for David to come out, John introduced me to some British Monkee Fan Club friends of his!!  We talked about our two countries, “The Point”  (the play that David and Micky (Dolenz) did together in England), showed photos around, and had fun just trying to understand each other!!  They were all great girls (still are!) and made me feel very welcome!  I also finally “met” David’s Personal Assistant, Bobbi, as well as Mitch Maran, a long-time friend of David’s, and his “Manager” at the time, who later, treated us to lunch one day (on David!), and took us to David’s London apartment!!  Alexandra Palace itself  was a huge place (actually a concert hall) containing an old pipe organ, with all kinds of attractions and booths, where you could “buy” or “win” things!!  It also had an Italian Garden outside, a small petting zoo, and a place for skateboarding!  The crowd was estimated at 150,000, but I’m sure there were more – especially on Monday, which was a Bank Holiday!  David had his own WEA booth, which was equipped with it’s own closed-circuit TV, which ran a segment from “Our Show ” and played, “Hey Ra, Ra, Ra, Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse”!  There was even a sort-of  “battle” going on, between the two “mickey Mouse” records – David’s, and one by “The Goodies”!  Then, David came out, and signed autographs continually, both days, as well as chatting with everyone!!  Also, at 2:00 pm each afternoon, there was a parade around the palace, in which David rode, with many  Walt Disney characters, some of whom later “posed” with David, so I could take pictures!  David wore a “cute” outfit, consisting of a red turtleneck sweater, and jean-type overalls, with “Davy” stitched on the front!  David’s puppy “Doris” (a Jack Russell terrier), was also at the palace, and chewed my finger a good bit!  Tommy Boyce was also there both days (he was the co-writer and producer of Davy’s 45), and David’s sister Beryl came on Monday, with her daughter Beverley (age 7)!  Micky Dolenz wasn’t there, however – he was with Trina at home, in Saffron-Walden!  But he did “call” me at our hotel, long-distance, to say “Hi!”!!  The phone was acting up though, so we couldn’t talk long, but I was “thrilled” nonetheless!!  David also called me, later, after we got back to London, after visiting with our relatives in the North!!  At 4:00 pm Sunday, John and I went out to his car, and turned on the radio to hear David on the radio show, “Hullabaloo”!  I remember thinking that never in my life before, had I had so much of David all at the same time!!!  They did a “live” interview with David from Ally Pally, and played “Hey Ra, Ra, Ra, Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse” as well as the flip side “You Don’t Have To Be A Country Boy To Sing A Country Song” (written by David and Tommy).  It was the first time that either of us had heard “Country Boy”, and we both thought it was great!!  Monday, May 29th, was a “smashing” repeat of Sunday, only with what seamed like hundreds more people!!  Mother and I took the underground train (the “tube” as it’s called), as John had some work to do on his new house!  At one point, we were sitting in the little restaurant there (which wasn’t open), with the British Fan Club girls, and David and Mitch came in, and sat down with us!!  David said he was “starved”!  Mother and I had a big breakfast that morning in the hotel dining room, and had brought our “continental breakfast” with us, which consisted of two rolls, and two cans of 7-Up.  We offered them to David to eat.  He protested, but we insisted.  “Thanks!” he said.  “It’s all I’ve had to eat all day!”  Even while he was eating, people still came up to him, asking for autographs!  Then, a little boy came up, and asked David very seriously, “Davy Jones, where is Mickey Mouse?”  “Oh – Mickey Mouse?  Well -  he’s resting now, you see, ’cause he has to keep making appearances – but he’ll be out – he comes around all the time.”  “Thank You very much.” the little boy said, as he happily skipped off.  We all had to smile – David was so understanding!  By the end of it on Monday, everyone was, after two days, exhaustedly singing and dancing to “Ra Ra”!!  Although a lot of hard work went into it, especially by David, Bobbi, and Mitch, I’m sure a good time was had by all  (including me)!!  The WEA engineers, who were there to help sell the records, worked very hard too, and even acted as “body guards” for David , to help him get through the crowds!    All-in-all my trip to England was a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait ’till I can someday return!!  And “Thank You” again, to everyone involved! David’s 45 record, “Hey Ra, Ra, Ra, Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse”/”You Don’t Have To Be A Country Boy To Sing A Country Song” was released in England ONLY – so David gave me 50 of the records to bring back with me to America, and distribute among the Fan Club members!  The first 50 people who wrote to me, got them!  I even sent out the foreign and “western” newsletters first, so everyone would have a fair chance at it!  So if you have one of those records, “consider yourself” (pun intended) very “lucky”  They are extremely “rare”!!  -  by Joyce Supple, Secretary of “The Micky Dolenz Stargazer Club” copyright 1978, Judith Supple Hadlock, copyright 2016.