Featured in this special auction is a collection of items that Davy Jones kept at his beloved home, Spruce Lawn, in Beavertown, PA. These items were given to Davy’s Angels so we could make them available to the fans by way of auctions that could benefit the ongoing care of the 15 horses Davy left behind.

Other items being auctioned include those donated by Davy’s daughters, Talia, Sarah & Annabel, his first wife, Linda, Dave & Deb Robicheau, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, actress Valerie Kairys and photographer Sherri Hansen.

All proceeds from this auction will go directly to The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation. If you would like info on how to help sponsor one of Davy’s horses, please contact Davy’s Angels on Facebook. The auction will be live on February 29th.

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