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Over the years I photographed DAVY’s Solo Tours and Monkee Tours. From 1986 at Hershey and finishing it up in the same town on the 2011 Monkees Tour. I also shot His 1998 Teen Idols Tour with Bobby Sherman and Peter Noone at Six Flags in Jackson NJ. DAVY always mailed Me a package at Christmas time. In 2007, He mailed me a signed Monkees logo w/ a CD not in the Rhino catalog. It’s signed by all four of the Guys and I thanked Him everytime I saw Him. I shot His Christmas Shows close to His home, at Front Street Station 2006, 2009. I had a record store in Virginia Beach and after the Show, the Monkees came in and bought about $1200.00 of records. They also signed a British copy of “HEAD” for Me! The last pack of photos He signed in silver sharpie and anything He signed will never be on sale.

Most times when You meet your Heroes they don’t live up to an image that you have of them, except in this case. I saw alot of crazee stuff and I never took any money to photograph DAVY when He wasn’t looking. When His Gretsch came up MIA after His passing, I was quite upset. I gave the Family a tip You might say, His Daughter thanked Me at His tribute in Beavertown. His daughters have always been very nice to Me. They knew most of Us or heard of who followed DAVY’s career. I really miss His singing and talking to His great band.

Davy was a great Entertainer, He could sing and dance His ass off. He was a better man than Me, raising four beautiful, intelligent and talented daughters. I hope I can raise my little daughter well and someday she will know my small part in all of this. I just took the photos and I have the negatives. Your memories are like gold records as time goes by. I will miss those heady days from 1986-1987 World Tour and ending with the 2011 World Tour. All the tours between them. I was so lucky to know Him. He was more than good to Me.