Davy had a special fondness for flowers – they reminded him of his Mother!!  He lost her to emphysema when he was just 14 years old!!  In the early Monkee days, and later too, he would often draw a flower (looking something like a daisy) next to his autograph!Here’s why…  Davy, and his Dad and sisters, when he was a boy,  used to ride on the train – (since Mr. Jones worked for British Railways, they got a discount) – to a park called Woodley, where they would have a soccer game and a picnic, and then Davy would go into the woods, and pick flowers for his Mother, and bring them back home to her (since she was often to ill to go with them) so that she could have a bit of the park to enjoy and keep with her all week, until they could go there again the next weekend (weather permitting)!!  Davy told this story to my Mother ( in Toledo, Ohio in 1979) when she asked him why he put the flower next to his autograph!!  He said the flower represented his Mother!!  On Davy’s “Colpix” album, before The Monkees, titled “David Jones”, there is a song called “This Bouquet” -  that also sort-of tells this story, and is a “tribute” to his Mum, Doris!!  The last time I saw Davy, on October 17, 2009 I took my “Daydream Believin’ ” book for him to sign.  I reminded him that my Mother, whom he remembered fairly well from taking me to all of his concerts and things over the years, had passed away in 1994 (from emphysema, like his Mother).  He signed his autograph in the book, and drew the familiar flower!!  When he handed the book back to me, he said – “This time – the flower is for “your” Mother!!”  He had me in tears!!  I will always have that flower in my book, that he drew for “my” Mother – and me!  How kind of him – so “special” and sweet!!!   “Thank You” Davy for all the wonderful, “special moments” you’ve given me – I can never say “Thank You” enough…!!!   Copyright 2015, Judith Supple Hadlock.