“I am extremely grateful that Mrs. Grabowski’s instinct for me was the trumpet. I wouldn’t
have it any other way.”

Davy Jones Band

Eric Biondo: trumpet, percussion, vocals.  The astonishingly prolific Eric Biondo joined Davy’s band beginning with The Monkees 2001 tour. Eric is also an acclaimed solo act called Beyondo,” producing his own brand of infectious, cerebral pop music. He has recorded in genres including rock, jazz, avant-garde, and children's music; his songs have been recorded by Regina Spektor.

Eric has performed and recorded with The Teo Macero Big Band, Massive Attack, and TV On The Radio. When Eric was with the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, he backed Burning Spear, Medeski Martin and Wood, and Sinead O’Connor. In 2006, he performed for the Rock’and’Roll Fantasy Camp, joining Roger Daltrey, Mark Farner, Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Kip Winger, and other classic rock stars.

Of Sicilian and Croatian descent, Eric shuffled out of his birthplace of Buffalo, graduated from the prestigious Eastman School of Music, and is now based in Brooklyn. His musical talents have taken him around the world.

He says, “Around age four, I realized I could get a buzz by drumming on this furry yellow chair. A fun feeling ran though my veins that made me want to keep banging. Only thing was is that I couldn’t figure out how to beat my hands together— it was confusing. Before I was even aware of any musical love, I used to enjoy picking fuzzies from in between the rug and the base board with my grandmother at her house. I had a little yellow shovel and rake that were perfect tools to get the job done. Around age nine, when I signed up for the school band, I wrote on my application that I wanted to play drums. My balloon was deflated when I showed up for my first lesson and was given a cornet. I remember bringing the old case home and saying to myself ‘This is NOT what I want to play.’ In retrospect, I am extremely grateful that Mrs. Grabowski’s instinct for me was the trumpet. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Music education is such an important part of the world. As a listener or a player please support specialized early education. If you don’t, future generations will be indecisive, boring clones. Exposure to art and technology at an early age is mandatory and should be on our minds all of the time.”

In 2009, Eric recorded a new version of Davy’s “I'll Love You Forever” and produced/performed on Johnny J. Blair's “Night Garden” (to be released in 2010). Listen to Eric’s music and watch his videos at his website.