Live 1981 recording of Daydream Believer / I Wanna Be Free live in Japan is the first official solo release since the singer’s death in 2012                               

7A Records has announced the release of the first official Davy Jones solo recording since his passing in 2012. Available for the first time ever in this format, this limited-edition yellow 7” vinyl single features two classic Monkees tracks recorded during his now-legendary 1981 tour of Japan.

This live single featuring two of his most famous tracks is 7a Records’ first Davy Jones release, a limited pressing of only 500 singles, with no plans to press or release any more once those are sold out.  Released in the UK on February 24th and in USA on March 3rd it is available now for pre orders.

These recordings are great performances in front of a very enthusiastic Japanese audience. Davy shines, and his amazing skills as a live performer and entertainer are clearly illustrated. The original recordings are mixed from the soundboard and 7a Records spent considerable time and effort in remastering them. What’s amazing about these 2 tracks is just how crazy the Japanese audience is for Davy and they always stayed close to Davy’s heart.

To pre-order your copy:

US daydream-believer-i-wanna-be- free-live-in/5060209950112

& Daydream-Believer-Wanna-Be- Free/dp/B01N7WN4IS/ref=sr_1_2? ie=UTF8&qid=1486636877&sr=8-2& keywords=Davy+jones

UK: Daydream-Believer-Wanna- Yellow-Vinyl/dp/B01N7WN4IS/ ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid= 1486584678&sr=8-1&keywords= davy+jones+daydream

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