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We always had animals growing up, but it had been quite a while since we had a pet around the house…And then Likya entered our lives. And life has never been quite the same.

Lykia... A Cat's Tale
Lykia… A Cat’s Tale

Likya’s always had a colorful life. One of David’s neighbors in Beavertown found her at the campgrounds in the area, and brought Likya to David who adopted her. From that moment on her life had changed. She had a lot of company at Sprucelawn — the other cats, and all the horses!! Then during July 4th weekend 2012, Likya’s life was gonna change once again – that’s when Susan Gerald , my Sis, Sherill and I travelled to Beavertown …Likya’s life was about to start a whole new chapter. Susan adopted David’s beloved Mama cat, and my Sis and I were gonna give Likya a new home of her own.

We clocked a lot of miles between Beavertown, Nashville and New Orleans, and Mama and Likya handled the trip like seasoned travelers. (I guess life on the campground can toughen you up for long road trips!) Once we arrived in New Orleans, and Likya entered our house for the first time, it was as if she knew she was home. My Sis and I spent that first nite on the sofa, just to see if Likie would be ok in her new surroundings. Much to our surprise, she spent that first nite sleeping between my Sis and me. And in no time, Likya made herself right at home, and it didn’t take long at all for her to feel ‘comfortable’. And although she was an inside and outside cat at Sprucelawn, she’s not at all interested in going outdoors. Even though she had a huge estate and lots of grounds to roam and explore at David’s, she seems perfectly content and well adjusted In our small home.

Likya’s a ‘talker’ – although it’s not your typical ‘meow’ – oh no! Likya has a verbal communication all her own. And you know where she is every minute. She ‘announces’ herself when entering and leaving a room. And she’s an early riser too, real early! (She must have gotten up early in the morning with David, to help tend to the horses.) And as soon as she hears someone make a move in the morning, she runs – or should I say ‘gallops’ – in to greet you. We have hardwood floors, and when Likya enters a room, it’s as if she actually ‘gallops’. And again, we attribute this to all those years she spent at Sprucelawn with David’s horses.)

Likya is not a lap cat like Mama. But in the early morning, she will get in the bed and cuddle until someone makes a move to give her breakfast. And if you aren’t quick enough, she will nip at your feet to hurry you along. She’s pretty independent, that is, until mealtime. She stays pretty close until her food is served. The she’s on her own until the next meal! She LOVES her food. We always say we are gonna outfit her with her very own ‘WILL WORK FOR FOOD’ sign to put around her neck!

She has her own favorite spots on the sofa and lounger, but if she wants company she will sleep at the foot of the bed. Her favorite playtime is anywhere between 2-3 AM! She usually uses this time to gallop around the house and play with her toys!

And she LOVES to watch TV! If the TV is on, she cannot walk through a room without stopping to watch for a while. And oddly enough, she loves to wear hats! Yes, that’s right, hats!! Her first Christmas with us was a bit cold, and I found a great hat that I thought I would try on her, and for some reason she seemed to like it. (see below) So now, she’s well dressed for all the Holidays and special occasions.