I didn’t hesitate when I received a call in June 2012 asking if I’d be interested in adopting Mama, Davy’s cat. I had first met her right after she came to live with him in Beavertown, and knew she was a sweetheart! So in early July Debbie Sunseri (who would be adopting Likya), Debbie’s sister Sherill, and I drove up to Pennsylvania to bring the girls back to their new homes.

Mama and Likya handled the almost 800 mile drive back to Tennessee like troopers. Likya, Debbie, and Sherill stayed with me for several days before making the 500 mile drive to their home in Louisiana.

I took Mama to meet my veterinarian who said she was in pretty good shape for a 15 year old gal. She did have arthritis in her hindquarters and was partially deaf. In the 2 years since the initial diagnosis Mama has lost all of her hearing.

Mama didn’t take long to make herself at home and didn’t mind living with my other kitty, Regan (a 7 yr old tuxedo Norwegian Forest cat). Although she was an outside and inside cat in Pennsylvania, she is 100% indoors here and to my relief has never shown any interest in going outside. Her favorite thing to do is sleep (sounds like me!), although she occasionally will get a spurt of energy and play like a kitten for a short while. She loves to be petted and rubbed, of course, and quite frequently will take naps in my lap. When she wants my attention she’ll come up and pat my leg with her paw.

Mama eats both wet and dry cat food, but is always interested in what I’m eating. She’ll sit on the side table beside my chair watching me while I eat, so I always leave a little bit and offer it to her. i wasn’t surprised she liked bacon, chicken and ham, but couldn’t believe she would eat things like cottage cheese and broccoli! She’ll try it all!

My kitty family has increased by 2 since Mama arrived. Mallory is a 1 1/2 yr. short- haired calico who came to live with us a year ago, and Stella is a rambunctious 4 month old long-haired black kitten I adopted about 3 months ago. All four kitties like to sit in my lap, and at first it was a competition to see who could get to my lap first. Now they don’t mind sharing – my record is 3 lap cats at once. Although Mama doesn’t normally like to curl up beside one of the others, she doesn’t mind sharing my lap, and very recently has starting giving Stella the kitten a bath while sitting beside her!
When my son visits me he usually brings his dog Nash, a large German Shepherd. This doesn’t phase Mama in the slightest. She’s not afraid of the dog at all, while the other kitties run and hide. Since Mama was around horses all the time in Pennsylvania I believe she just assumes Nash is a small horse!

Several months ago Mama was asleep on the window seat, Mallory had just learned to open the plantation shutters. She went inside the shutter and made her way behind Mama, opened the shutter, and batted at Mama with her paw. Mama woke up and hissed at Mallory, who politely withdrew her paw and closed the shutter back behind Mama. I was very lucky and caught this on camera. I posted it on YouTube for my family and friends to see, and was surprised when it caught the attention of a TV producer in Japan who asked for permission to use it on one of their animal shows. Unfortunately I never learned when or if it was definitely going to air.

Mama is 17 now and has lived with me over 2 years. She has adapted unbelievably well to such a major change in her life. My goal is for her to live out her golden years as happy and comfortable as she can be.