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There was a  girl named Nancy Smith, a fan of Davy’s, who was disabled, and in a wheelchair.  She showed up in Toledo, Ohio at “Kips” to see Davy at a solo concert, with his band “Toast” in 1979.  I think she came with the Fan Club group that chartered the plane for the weekend, to see him – I’m not sure!  Anyway, it was her first time to meet Davy, and she wanted a photo with him.  She had on this beautiful long black evening dress, with a red rose pinned to it.  She asked David if there was a way for her to get a photo with him, without the wheelchair in it.  “Of course!” he said.  He asked her a few questions privately, and then lifted her out of the wheelchair himself, and set her very gently on the steps to the stage, so that she could lean her back against one of the steps.  Still holding on, he sat down next to her, and told her to put her arm around around him for balance.  Then, he very carefully arranged her dress to show off her legs in a semi-sultry pose!  The last thing he did, before the photo was taken, was to point to her legs, with a “whoo-hoo, she’s hot!” look on his face!!  Nancy looked so happy!!!  I was so touched, watching all of this happen!!!  (I couldn’t help thinking of David’s Mother Doris, and his niece Deborah).  They took several photos, to make sure they got a good one!!  Then he very carefully lifted her up, and put her back in the wheelchair!  She was smiling and crying both – and so was I!!  Then he asked her for a kiss!!  It was such a sweet moment!!  He not only made her feel “special” – he made her feel “beautiful” too!!  I knew I would never forget that!! – Copyright 2015 – By Judith Supple Hadlock.