This story was published (in it’s original form) in Cindy Bryant’s newsletter “Monkee-Shines” for “The Purple Flower Gang”, issue #75, Spring 2011. Keep in mind that Davy was still “with us” when this was written.

Hi! My name is Judith Supple Hadlock (Joyce). I’ve been a fan of Davy Jones and The Monkees from the beginning, since I was 8 years old in 1966 and first saw “The Monkees” on TV! I finally “met” Davy for the first time on August 31, 1975 – I was 17 – at a DJBH (Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart) concert at Idora Park, in Youngstown, Ohio. The concert was a matinee performance, in the Amusement Park’s Ballroom. It took me nearly 2 years of letter writing (to teen magazines, newspapers, record companies, etc.) to finally find a fan club to join, and a way to write to Davy!

My “first” Davy/Monkee Fan Club was “Luvers Of David Jones United” with Diane Mona at the helm! By 1977, having been asked to by the President Joan Manzo, I became the Secretary of a fan club for Micky (The Micky Dolenz Stargazer Club), and in 1979, I finally formed my own fan club for Davy, called “Friends of David Jones” (which “he” named)! This is the true story of how Davy Jones and I met up again after 15 years! (It’s also a concert review of sorts, for the Barrow Civic Theatre concert of Davy’s, in Franklin, PA on October 17, 2009).

I met this young lady (in her 20′s – I’m in my 50′s) named Amber, who runs her own pet sitting service called “South Summit Pet Sitting” – (It’s now called “Safe-At-Home Pet Sitting” – Judith). I was referred to her by another pet sitting service that was too busy to help me. I needed transportation to take my cats to get them “fixed”, and I had found out that “pet taxi service” is part of what pet sitters do. So we made arrangements, and she came over to take me to the Vet’s office with my cats. (I do drive, but didn’t have a car available at the time). In her car, I noticed a Monkees CD! So I said, “Oh, you like the Monkees!” And she said, “Yes – they’re one of my favorite groups – especially Davy!” Well, that did it – I knew it was fate! So I started telling her that I was a fan too, and that I had had a fan club for Davy, called “Friends Of David Jones”, etc. I think she thought I was “putting her on” at first – until I showed her proof – my fan club newsletters, and letters that Davy had written for the club, and to me personally. She was amazed! I eventually gave her some of my extra Davy and Monkee things that I had, and to show her appreciation, she surprised me with tickets to the Barrow Civic Theatre concert of Davy’s, front row, and she was going to drive us there!!! I was way past “Cloud 9″!!! I hadn’t had a chance to see Davy in a long time – since May 1994 – (right before my Mom passed away) – at the Paul Brown Tiger Stadium Hospital Benefit concert, in Massillon, Ohio. My husband Lane and I had had a string of unlucky things happen to us – he got laid-off from his job at Goodyear after 25 years due to downsizing, we had a house fire in 1993 that destroyed our entire house (which we had to re-build), my Mother was battling lung cancer and emphysema at the time, and in 1996 Lane fell out of a tree he was taking down (20 feet onto a concrete driveway) and crushed both his feet!!! So this was the first chance I had gotten to see Davy in a long while!

The main thing I was hoping out of it all, was that Davy would remember and recognize me. That was my one heartfelt wish! We’d been through a lot of things together over the years, (Davy and I), mostly good of course, and I just wanted him to remember. (And, my looks had changed a LOT too in 15 years, due to some medical issues). I had decided that I would wear a black Davy T-shirt that I had, with a contrasting red turtleneck underneath (this was October) and a few photo badges I still had, that didn’t get messed up in the fire! (Surprisingly, very little of my Monkee collection got messed up in the fire – most of it was fine – a miracle)!!! The day of the concert finally arrived – I felt like a teenager again! That whole day I was a happy, excited, nervous wreck!!! Amber and I played Monkee music and talked Monkees the whole way there! When we got there, they said they were going to have a drawing for a “Davy Jones Prize Package”, and would I like to buy a ticket? The tickets were $5.00 each, so I bought one. (This was some sort of promotional thing to help the theater in the bad economy. Davy was supplying the prizes).

Then it was time for the show! Davy came out in an old man’s Halloween mask, and said he was Davy’s father, and Davy would be out in a minute! (I was remembering another Halloween that I spent with Davy, in 1979, when “Friends Of David Jones” came into being – 2 whole weeks, 2 shows a night, in Toledo, Ohio at Kips! That’s 22 shows for all of you counting – not including 2 Sundays and 2 Mondays (Davy’s days off). We (my Mom and I) had a “reserved” table right in front of the stage for the entire 2 weeks! We spent our vacation from work with Davy)! My Mom, through all of this, became quite a “Davy fan” herself! – I’ll have to tell more of that story another time. Back to the story at hand. Part-way through the show, they decided to have the Prize drawing. Davy was going to pull the winning ticket out of a “gift bag”. I turned to my friend Amber, and said, “I NEVER win these things!” I fished around in my purse for the other half of the ticket stub. Then, all of a sudden, Davy pulled the ticket out of the bag, and read off MY NUMBER!!! I just about died!!! I let out a scream they must have heard 3 blocks away!!! Then he told me to “Come on up here!” on stage with him! I gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug (just as I had done the first time I met him)! I didn’t realize it then, but everything with Davy came “full-circle” in that moment. I said, “Davy, do you remember me?” (I should have said “recognize”). He said, “Yes, I do” – in a tone like – “of course”. And he did! This was one of the most incredible nights of my life! We chatted for a minute or two, and then he asked me, into the microphone, “And what is your name, and where are you from?” Well, I knew what he was doing – he was getting back to the audience. I’d almost forgotten about them! He kind-of winked at me and gave me this look like, “Well, come on, play along!” So I did, telling everyone that I was Judith Supple Hadlock from Tallmadge, Ohio, a suburb of Akron. Then he looked at the photo badges I had on and asked into the microphone again, “And where are these from?” (But he already knew). One photo badge in particular, was of him and I in England, in 1978 (31 years ago), at Mickey Mouse’s 50th Birthday Celebration, promoting his 45 record, “Hey Ra, Ra, Ra, Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse”. (That Spring, in 1978 in England, it was HOT – 90 something degrees in May, in London, (very unusual), and Davy had taken off his sweater, ’cause he was just too hot in it…lucky for me, ’cause he was bare-chested in the photo!! Davy handed me the microphone, and wanted me to tell everyone about the photo on the badge – so I did! Then he joked around some more, and we talked a bit more. Then he said, “Come on, let’s go for a walk”! He reached out his hand to me, and I took it. We “walked” all the way across the stage, and back again. (It was just like in “I Wanna Be Free” – “I wanna hold your hand, walk along the sand, laughing in the sun, always having fun…” (I think I know why he did this – 3 reasons. One – because he wasn’t planning on singing “I Wanna Be Free” that night, and he knew it was my favorite Monkee song – he didn’t want to disappoint me! Two – because he knew it was sort-of a fantasy of mine, that I’d written to him about – walking hand-in-hand with him along some beach somewhere! And Three – because he named my fan club for a line in that song – “say you’ll always be my “friend” Babe”…)! Whatever the reason, It was awesome…there wasn’t any sand…but it was still awesome…!!! Then he motioned for an usher, and handed me off to him. The usher helped me down off the stage, and back to my seat. The whole rest of the show, he kept coming over to where I was, and paying me lots of attention – it was great! He even sang to me!! Of course, the show was fantastic – but he made it feel like a “special performance” just for me! (Davy can make you feel like that, even if there are a thousand people in the room)!! When the show was over, I had lots of people coming over to talk to me, and take photos of me and my badges! A lady from a local magazine (West PA Magazine) even took photos of me!! I told Amber to wait around a while ’cause he might come out and do autographs or something. All of a sudden, a lady from the theatre came up to us and said, “Davy is requesting the honor of your presence backstage – please follow me.” I think Amber was in shock at this point!! This was her first time to “meet” Davy! She remembered him from re-runs of the 1971 Brady Bunch episode – “Getting Davy Jones”! Davy seemed very happy to see me! “Hey, how’ve ya been? It’s been a long time!! I wanted to give you some of the things from the Prize Package,” he said. He was giving me 8X10 photos that he had just signed, CD’s, T-shirts, all kinds of things! “And I have some more things that I want to send to you that I forgot to bring with me – they’re at home.” “Thank You, Davy!” I stammered. You make sure I have your current address now!” he said. He was so nice! I took out a small photo album that I carry with me all the time, that says “Prints Charming” on it, and showed Davy the photos. “Yeah, I remember this!” he said more than once. Then Amber and I took photos with Davy, and he signed a few items that we had brought with us from home. I brought my “Daydream Believin’” book to be signed. Davy signed it, “Love Ya, David Jones” with his “flower” drawing. The flower usually represented his Mother. I had reminded Davy, earlier in the evening, that my Mother had passed in 1994. Davy handed back the signed book, and said to me, “The flower is for “your” Mother this time!!” My Mother would have loved that! She had asked Davy once, what the flower meant – he must have remembered that! Davy made me cry with that one!! A few other things happened that I didn’t mention in the original story – at one point, I showed Davy a photo of my husband, Lane, and Davy said, “Oh – hair like Micky!” (My husband has very curly hair like Micky Dolenz). I think Davy was expecting Lane to look somewhat like him – so, not to disappoint Davy, I said, …”but deep brown eyes like yours!” Davy just grinned! Another thing that happened – there was a photo in that photo album of Tommy Boyce (from the Mickey Mouse Birthday Celebration in England) and the minute Davy saw it, he got tears in his eyes – so much so, that he had to excuse himself for a few minutes. He came back, and said, “Sorry about that.” I felt really bad about upsetting him, so I said, “I’m sorry Davy – I should’ve taken that photo out of there – I wasn’t thinking – I didn’t mean to upset you!” “No, it’s all right – I’m glad it’s there – I’m glad you’re remembering him,” Davy said. Davy and I both made each other cry that night!!

Amber, Davy and I were the only ones still backstage. It was getting late. I hated to leave, of course, – but it was time to go. Amber went to get our coats, so I could say “goodbye” to Davy. I’ll never forget that last “goodbye” – we both “thanked” each other for everything!! Little did I know it then, but that would be the last time that I would ever see him! When we got into the car to go home, Amber turned to me and said, “You really ARE Marcia Brady!!!” I had to laugh – that was so sweet of her – I loved it!!!   After I got home from the concert, about a week later, here came his huge package in the mail – from Davy!!! True to his word, he had sent me more CD’s, more signed photos, more T-shirts, a book – the “Mutant Monkees” book, personally autographed, and a personal letter from him – (my last letter from Davy)! I shared some of these things with Amber, of course. “I’ll Love You Forever, David.” You are “Written In My Heart”!   “Say you’ll always be my friend, Babe…”   A few notes about the concert – the show lasted nearly 2 hours. The songs were – (they’re not in any particular order), No Time, Girl, Valleri, When Love Comes Knockin’ At Your Door, Daydream Believer, Take A Giant Step, Pleasant Valley Sunday, A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You, She Hangs Out, I’m A Believer, Oliver Medley – (Consider Yourself, I’d Do Anything, and Who Will Buy), Secret Love (She CD), Let Them Be Little, Amore (but Jessica wasn’t dancing to it yet), The Girl I Knew Somewhere, Papa Gene’s Blues, It’s Nice To Be With You, Steppin’ Stone, Mary, Mary, Rainy Jane, Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow, I’ll Love You Forever, and Last Train To Clarksville. Several songs I noticed that Davy didn’t do – I Wanna Be Free (probably for obvious reasons, being newly married), The Monkees Theme (instrumental only), and Cuddly Toy. Please go see Davy at one of his concerts – you’ll have the time of your life!!! Concert dates and ticket information can be found on his website – A special “Thank You” to Amber, for her wonderful surprise!!! This concert was at the Barrow Civic Theatre, Saturday, October 17, 2009, in Franklin, PA.   -Amber Surbey and Sue Ballmer took photos, which are in my photo album section! Thanks so much you two!!   -I had a ticket for the 45th Anniversary Monkees Tour (Davy’s last Monkee Tour) for their concert that would have been in Cleveland, at the Jacob’s Pavillion, September 4, 2011 – but it was one of the 9 or 10 dates that were cancelled at the end of the tour at the last minute, for “business reasons”. – Judith Supple Hadlock. c. 2011, 2014, Judith Supple Hadlock.